Why should I become a member?

Over the past years, the Society's membership has grown by more than 50%.
  • GOC is the only national specialty society solely devoted to issues of gynecologic cancer
  • GOC meetings provide a forum for us to come together and exchange research and clinical ideas
  • GOC provides a forum for launching health advocacy issues both nationally and provincially
  • Membership provides access to the members only section of the GOC website
  • GOC provides a platform to interact and influence international societies such as IGCS
  • GOC is a national specialty society directly responsible for sub-specialty training and fellowship CPD activity
  • Social and fun activities
In addition:
  • You will receive The GOC News, our quarterly newsletter
  • You will have access to the "Member's" section of the website, where there will reside a discussion board, providing members to post cases of the week for discussion and input from colleagues

How can I contribute to the Society?

Members are encouraged to be active, take leadership roles and assist GOC in promoting excellence in gynecologic oncology health care. This can be done through participation on one of the Society"s committees or through contributing to the website or newsletter. You may also contact any one of our officers at any time to offer suggestions.

What meetings does GOC hold?

GOC currently holds 2 meetings annually. These are the Annual General Meeting which is held concurrently with the SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting, the Continuing Professional Development meeting which is held concurrently with the NCIC spring meeting.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about GOC by contacting our National Coordinator, Hélène Soublière at 1.800.561.2416 or at 613.730.4192 extension 250. You may also e-mail us at or contact one of our officers.

How can I become a member?

Simply fill out and sign the application form and mail it with your curriculum vitae to our secretariat at 780 Echo Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5R7.

New membership applications are voted on by the membership during the annual meeting in June.