Canadian Gynecologic Cancer Group

Canadian Gynecologic Cancer Group


The CG² is a coalition of organizations whose individual mandates focus on treatment, support, education, awareness and research into gynecologic cancers. The CG² aims to foster communication and collaboration between these groups. The founding organizations are The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada (GOC), the National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA) and Ovarian Cancer Canada/Cancer de l’ovaire Canada (OCC/CoC).


To improve care and support for women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer and for their families via increased nationwide collaboration in patient care, research, public awareness, information, education and support initiatives. The ultimate goals are prevention, early detection, cure, improvement of survival rates and quality of life for women either at risk or living with a gynecologic cancer, and broad public awareness of gynecologic cancers among healthy women.

September 2006 initiatives

A bill to proclaim September as Ovarian Cancer Month in Canada
CG² supports the formal proclamation of September as Ovarian Cancer Month in Canada. This requires passage of a bill in the Federal House of Commons. A form letter in support of this and intended for your Member of Parliament is available at Also provided is a link to help you identify your Member of Parliament. No postage is required.

Raising public awareness of ovarian cancer

CG² founding members have collaborated to create and distribute a car window decal announcing that September is ovarian cancer month. We urge you to display this decal whether or not the federal act is passed.